I Poked My Eye By Mistake And Now My Eye Is Blurry. It Does Not Hurt But Is A Little Red. Will It Get Better?


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If you've simply poked yourself in the eye, the chances are your eye will go back to normal within a couple of hours at most.

If you still feel discomfort after this time, I would recommend you visit a doctor or emergency room.

My eye got poked and now it's blurry. Redness, blurriness, and swelling are fairly normal following an eye poke. If you're not feeling any pain, then this is a good sign.

For the first few hours, I'd recommend simply 'keeping an eye out' for any developing symptoms (sorry, I couldn't help that pun).

But seriously, here are a few quick tests you can do:

  • Try moving your eye from side to side, or up and down: Does it hurt?
  • Are you sensitive to light in one eye?
  • Is there blood present in the eye?
If you answer yes to any of these, you may want to visit a doctor.

What to do after you've been poked in the eye

In most cases, just keeping your eye covered and away from the sunlight will help.

If you suspect your eye is seriously damaged, loosely cover it with a clean eye patch and make your way to ER.

The most common condition caused by a poke in the eye is called a 'corneal abrasion', which is also more commonly known as a 'scratched eye'.

If you think you've got a scratched eye, remember not to rub it (as you might do more damage). Also keep it clean and covered (even the smallest cut on the eye's surface might cause serious infection).

If you've got a corneal abrasion, you will need to visit a doctor as soon as possible!
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Usually when you "poke " your eye you irritate the membrane around the eye. This will cause some redness and possibly some swelling.

Unless you had something very dirty on the object that hit your eye, it should clear up in several hours.

If, by chance, the object was dirty (or maybe it scratched the cornea) you may need a mild antibiotic that your doctor can give you.
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