What Is Hepatocellular Disease Of The Liver?


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Hepatocellular disease of the liver may either be an infection of the liver or cancer of the liver.

The liver is one of the biggest and most important organs in the body. It is located just below the right rib cage and stands as the powerhouse or the engine of the body. It facilitates metabolism and improves the breakdown of many substances.

Despite the functions and importance of the liver to the human body, it can be affected by infections, drugs and other toxic chemicals. Most of the abnormalities of the liver are always transient or acute because the liver has a great healing power. Unlike all these other diseases, hepatocellular disease can last very long in the body accompanied with severe symptoms. Most of the symptoms of diffuse hepatocellular liver disease include the following:

Discoloration of the skin and eyes; your eyes may begin to turn yellowish

Persistent abdominal pain

Distention of the abdomen

Severe itching of the skin

Dark colored or tea colored urine

Pale stools

Intermittent blood in the stools

Extreme weakness

Nausea, and

Loss of appetite

Having learnt the symptoms of the hepatocellular disease of the liver, it will also help if you understand that the things that can cause this disease are mainly in the form of disorders. Conditions that might increase or lead to the risk of liver disease include the following:

-Exposure to infected body fluids or blood
- Blood transfusions
-Tattoos or body piercing
-Certain herbs such as Black cohosh, ma-huang, Chaparral, Comfrey, Germander, Greater -celandine, Kava, Mistletoe, Pennyroyal, Skullcap, and Valerian
- Diabetes mellitus
- Excessive alcohol use
- Excessive alcohol use
- Intravenous drug use and sharing needles
- Exposure to toxic chemicals, and
- Having unprotected sex

While none of us pray for any kind of diseases, we should always eat healthy and exercise regularly. There are many causes of hepatocellular diseases but we can prevent most of them by imbibing in a healthy lifestyle.
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What is hepatocellular disease also can you die from it. What can you do so you will not die from this disease? What caused you to get it? Is there any way you can take food to eat or take med to help. What will help you live longer with hepatocellular disease of the liver what did you get it from?
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Hepatocellular Carcinoma is a kind of cancer of the liver. It is mostly caused by viral hepatitide infection or cirrhosis. It can be treated by liver transplant, surgical resection, Percutaneous ethanol injection, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization etc. For details see the link below:
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Is cancer involved in any way? Or too much drinking alcohol a cause of the disease?
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The liver can be affected by infections, drugs or toxic chemicals. The problems of liver are acute because it has the power of healing. The Hepatocellular disease lasts a very long time and present with a variety of symptoms. The  symptoms of  Hepatocellular liver disease includes

Abdominal pain

Severe itching of skin

Pale stools


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