When I Cough Small White Clumps Come Out My Throat And They Smell. What Could This Be?


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It's called tonsil stones or tonsilloliths, if you google that you should find plenty of info on it. I had the same issue, it's harmless but annoying as I'm sure you know. I actually found a really affective way to get rid of them. If you look online they'll either recommend you get the tonsils removed(in extreme cases) or they try and sell you some fancy waterpic to flush them out. I just went to my dentist, asked them for a water syringe (like the kind you get to flush out your wisdom teeth sockets) mine was called "monoject". They gave it to me for free. Then I fill it up with warm water and flush out the tonsil sockets usually every night (but it obviously doesn't hurt to do it in the morning as well). Since I started doing that I never have an issue with them. If I do happen to get lazy and forget to do it for a bit sometimes they come back, but when you use the water syringe it just flushes them right out. Super easy, painless, and free! If it works for you, spread the word!

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