I Have A Sore Throat, Just At The Back Of My Mouth. My Tonsils Are Inflammed And Have Red Blotches And A Hard White Abcess Around Them. Do You Know What This Could Be?


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I had strep throat a lot when I was a kid. My mom said she knew when I had it because the back of my throat would be white and inflamed. That would be my guess too. It's good to gargle with warm salty water...usually makes it feel better until you can get to the doc and get some antibiotics.
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you should be tested for Strep. Before I had my tonsils removed I had it every year sometimes more than once a yr. It got horrible, I constantly was sick . The infections ate holes in my tonsils, finally I had to have my tonsils removed. The ENT Dr. Said he had never seen a pair of tonsils t hat were so damaged before. Go have a screening, its similar to the symptoms I had.
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I have that right now I'm sp glad you posted this question up!I've always had problems with my throat I think I need to get them removed I've tried everything but it's not working thank you!

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