Why Do People Get So Tired When They Have A Cold?


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Your body is working to fight the virus.  You are also uncomfortable and this causes stress, which leads to feeling tired.  You body needs rest, fluids, and a healthy diet to get over the flu.  Nyquil can help you sleep at night.
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People get so tired when they have a cold because of all the extra work their bodies have to do.
First of all, people than exert a lot of energy just by coughing and sneezing.
People have to breath harder because of the semi blocked nose passages the the flem down
their throats.   Their bodies produce  much mucus in their noses and flem in their throats.
Then there's the extra blood that flows to their throats to make the skin there hurt.  Also the
coughing at night limits the amount of sleep a person gets.   And lastly, the person with a cold
does a lot more walking. . . . .walking to get a new tissue from a box in the next room.  Also when
another person gets near him,  he walks away so as not to contaminate him also.
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There body needs lots of rest. So they get tired. The more rest they get the better they will feel.

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