Did You Know That Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, Suffered From Severe Depression & Suicidal Thoughts, What Else Do You Know?


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When he was young in Indiana his best friend went crazy and tried to kill his mother right in front of Lincoln.
He also wrote an anonymous poem about suicide in the woods
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I really have very very much common with Abraham Lincoln If he continuously was Depressed and Thought of Suicides(Painless suicide for me, Please).
Oh Yes, Loads'n'Lots of high doze sleeping pills with Spray that leaves us unconscious enough not to shout and here we die of no pain-How I wish that Suicide was allowed!

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Well I heard he was gay and was doing his body guard, but who knows....

  • he died 4/16/1865

  • he married Mary Todd who also suffered from manic depression

  • he was engaged to Ann Ruthridge tho she died of typhoid

  • his mom died when he was 9 yrs. Old of typhoid

  • his son, Willie, died of typhoid as a young boy

  • his other son, Eddie, also died young tho I am unsure what ailed him

  • Abe had a young brother whom died when abe was 9 yoa

  • he also lost a 21 yr. Old sister during childbirth

  • his father was abusive

  • he frequented prostitutes prior to marriage

  • he was responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation

  • as president, ordered the civil war, unwillingly

  • he always had an inferiority complex

  • when his dad was dying he refused to go see him

  • he slept in the same bed for 4 yrs. With his best friend, Joshua Speed

  • many speculated he was a homosexual

  • both he & Speed fell in love with Matilda Edwards at the same time

  • he married Mary Todd, reluctantly, because of her family's stature and wealth

  • both Abe & Mary were permissive parents allowing their children to run wild in the white house

  • once, Abe was pulling his toddler son in a wagon, the child fell out & Abe was daydreaming & never realized it 'til someone told him his child was back down the road

  • Mary Todd ran out into the street with a knife after Abe threatening to kill him

  • he loved the play "MacBeth"

  • he had a premonition of his very own death

  • the last act he performed as president was to pardon a young man with mental issues just prior to being sent out to the firing range to be shot tho I am unsure of his actual crime

  • he lived most of his time in Springfield, Illinois
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Thank you for correcting me. You know a lot about Lincoln
Too much of the History channel & the brain of an elephant...hee hee......♥nassy
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How I wish there was accounting channel(Ooops I forgot I don't even have Mice's comparison's brain, Elephant is far far away-LOL)
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I'm a Psy. Major and was taught how to read Body Language, and he had Multiple Personalty most likely mildly, and MAYBE Bipolar TOO!

So is Dolly Parton! BUT not Bipolar!

George W has the worst Inferiority Complex the worst I've ever seen and needs Meds!

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When Elizabeth Sparrow wanted to get her pregnant stepdaughter married, she gave 5 gallons of whisky to a castrated man named Thomas Lincoln to marry her. Thomas was a mean drunk and not good to Nancy. After a year of marriage, she began to hate him. She met and fell in love with a man named Samuel Davis. Together they had a baby. He was given the name Abraham Lincoln.

Samuel Davis was a married man and just several months before the birth of Abraham, his wife gave birth to Jefferson Davis. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were brothers.

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