What Is Finklestein's Syndrome? Sometimes Known As Baker's Wrist And Affects The Thumb And Is It Treated?


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This syndrome, also called Carpal Tunnel syndrome, which is a condition that results from repetitive action, and causes weakness and pain due to nerve damage, in the wrist and thumb.
The condition is felt as you rightly stated, by those people like a baker, who repeat the same action over and over. So carrying trays heavy with bread, from oven to counter could do it.
The other occupation that can cause this syndrome and nerve damage, is in the area of computer workers. Those who repeatedly type on a keyboard, for long hours daily, are getting this condition more and more. Since the same position is maintained for hours, and the same actions are repeated over and over again.
Treatment ranges from wearing a special wrist cuff to maintaining the wrist in a favourable position. (Key boards designed to change positions with different attachments are used), to carpal tunnel surgery, which is becoming ever more common.
Some suggest that after every thirty minutes, you move away from your computer, and stretch your hands above your head
and then rotate them, to minimise the strain of always being flexed in the same position.

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