My Father Has Frontal Lobe Dementia And He's Been Complaining That He Always Cold. He Sleeps 15 To 16 Hours A Day. I Research This And Have Found Nothing. What Could It Be?


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It sounds as if your father is having a memory regression of having a cold. Because of the dementia, he is hallucinating that he is sick. You should watch him closely in this case and have him evaluated by a doctor if he really does start to exhibit symptoms of a cold such as sneezing, fever, chills, pain, etc...The sleeping is probably due to depression. Many patients with frontal lobe dementia have a tendency to become chronically depressed and this will cause him to sleep a lot. Try providing his with activities that he can participate and be active in. This will help with the depression.
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The doctor recently up his depession medication form 10 mg to 40 mg. We gone through a weight loss period, he lost 18 lbs in 6 months. His weight has stablized and he start feeding himself again. He had really changed alot in the last 6 months. He get the hicups all the time also. Just wondering what will happen next.

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