I Have A Tumor In My Right Medial Temple And Frontal Lobe Of My Brain What Does This Control?


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You may experience some loss of motor control. It should not affect your speech center. Your reasoning skills may suffer some, but it shouldn't affect your emotional balance other than what occurs from hearing you have such a thing. You have my prayers.
If the tumor is invasive enough, it may cause you to misinterpret what you see... For example, you see a tree, and you know it is a tree, but your mind cannot find the word associated with the object. For more possibilities and more accurate conclusions of what your particular delima could be, you really should ask your doctor. Do not be afraid to ask him to slow down and talk to you in layman terms.
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This part of lobe controls specifically on your way of thinking and way of acting language and motor movements..,....
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Yes along with left body weakness
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The vein in the brain that is where the blood is not going in the veins like they are to be doing
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I'm sorry but I'm confused. You have a tumor and your doctor didn't tell you what that means for you? Didn't inform you at all?
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Do I have atumour , been getting pain in both my temple lobes forgetting things
double vision forgetting words no havent seen adoctor yet  but I need to be sure

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