If Someone Has A Staph Infection But The Boil Like Growth Leaks Out All The Infection And The Knot Disappears, Can It Still Be In Their Body?


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Well I have the same issues and they said they can always occur and there s not too much you can do bout it I have had many too n right now I m fighting the worse yet and they said it can lead to sepsis mine is in my groin it started as always n then they cut and drained it had me taking bactrim then it built a wall and now is inside of a POD I don't know what  s going to happen with it but it is so PAINFUL
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Yes. If it was a boil and the boil "shell" is still in there, you may get it back. Until your body clears up the staph it will be in there; possibly without any symptoms.
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Hi there I've been having these types of boils, I'm now on my 4th and its getting me down I've now got one on my upper lip and previous I had a perinatal which was very very sore, I am to blame because I didn't finish my antibiotics, I have now got one on my lip but stress i will finish them this time.
What I'm asking is if the infection clears up visually can the infection raise its head elsewhere on the body like me?
The biols start like a little insect bite looking pimple then they grow violently into a boil and then after a few days develop a head which eventually leaks lots of white puss out, once its at this stage it tends to disappear leaving a hole and then finally a scar.

I'm am currently seeing the doc. But any info would be great.
Can major stress be a cause of the staph? As I'm 25 and only just developed it, if it is actually staph which the docs seems to think it is.

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