Can Shingles Break Out O The Leg And Groin?


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I showed a doctor a line of blisters down my leg and he pondered and said it could have been  bites as I had been on holidays. Failure to detect shingles left me with agony for one year. I have just go a repeat along the rib cage and would you believe two years later and another doctor and it has not been diagnosed in time. I have put myself on anti viral drugs hoping for the best. The moral of the story  is that any line of what looks like bites or bumps along any nerve line that stings and stings could be shingles.  It can happen along any nerve and don't listen to the doctor when it is said it is only around the rib cage.
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Yes , but that is not the only site. My son-in-law broke out on upper arm. After the rash heals it can still be pain in the area. The pain involves the nerves.

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