Can An Infant Get The Shingles?


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Even though it is unusual, an infant can get shingles.
Shingles are caused by exposure to the zoster virus.  That is the same virus that causes chicken pox.  In older people, if they have an exposure to the virus AND have already had chicken pox, they may develop shingles.  Sometimes the chicken pox they had earlier doesn't give them enough immunity against the virus.  Then if they have another exposure, they are at risk for developing shingles.
If your baby had an exposure to the virus he/she could get shingles.
I was told that my daughter (4 months old at the time) wouldn't get chicken pox from her older brother because I was breastfeeding and she had immunity.  Well she did get chicken pox...and had a HORRIBLE case!  Pox on eyelids, diaper area etc.   Anything is possible.

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