What Causes Cramps And Leg Pains Also In The Hip And Groin Area?


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Dear Elruth~
I have diabetes 1 and have been told that it is related to the cramps.  I have terrific, mind boggling pain when this occurs.  The doctor never really gives me a straight answer.  A nurse that I worked with told me her mother has them  ever so often. She told me her mother's Dr. Told her to take potassium, and calcium every day, drink a lot of water, and if possible drink some type of gator aide, sports drink about 2-3 hours before going to bed.  I tried this. It works most of the time, but when I get them, it is so painful that I do get nauseated as I wrote in my previous email.  Try doing what I suggested since it did help me.
Good Luck!!!!

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