How Do I Get Rid Of Leg Cramps?


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Try increasing your potassium and/or iron. Both can be found in multivitamins, if you don't already take one. If you already take a multivitamin, potassium is found naturally in bananas and iron is found in dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and in red meat. You can always buy separate supplements of iron and potassium, but natural sources are better.
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I agree with CAMERYN , my husband is going through the same thing .
We talked to our Doc. he say's that natural potassium such as bananas , orange juice and potatoes are a very good natural source , not the supplement which you could potentially take too much of and do more harm than good !
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In the short term, stand up to improve blood flow, stretch the muscle and rub/knead it if necessary. Wear warm clothes. Or - if the weather has been hot, and you have been sweating - you may find eating a portion of salty food helps. Don't do this too often though - we don't want to be sending your blood pressure up.
In the long term you need to improve your circulation : Stop smoking (if you smoke), cut down on fatty foods (get your cholesterol levels checked), take more exercise. Doctors will sometimes prescribe quinine or vasodilators. If the doctor finds that you have Really bad circulation, you may be recommended bypass surgery.
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Eat more bananas. Low potassium may result in leg cramps.

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