How Do I Get Rid Of The Pain Of My Right Hamstring? A Home Remedy Would Do.


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How do I get rid of hamstring pain? Because everytime I extend my legs when I run it hurts very bad
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Hamstrings are muscles located at the back of thigh. Actually it is a group of three muscles. It is any one of those tendons that makes up the borders of the space behind the knee. If any thong happens to the hamstring muscles then it may even lead to paralysis. The hamstrings have an effect on both the hip and the knee. It is important in performing several crucial functions such as running, walking, jumping and controlling some movement of the trunk.

The pain on your right hamstring can be easily cured if it is mild by using an ice pad and rest. Keeping the paining leg at an elevated level would also offer relief to some extent. But if the pain persists then it is advisable to contact the doctor and take his advice on how to treat it properly instead of experimenting yourself.

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