Why Am I Fainting?


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I agree..this could be something serious that could be sorted out with a trip to your doctor..( I don't mean that to scare you) it could be anything. But once you've got the right medication this should go away... Tell someone to take you as soon as you can.
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There are too many things that can be wrong for me to say, you need to see a doctor as soon as you can!
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I'm scared of doctors and I'm not going to waste their time when it's probably something small. I've been told i had my arms stuck straight up whilst unconscious and my eyes rolled to the back of my head - don't know if this changes anything ok thank you for answer x
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It could have also been a seizure. Please go and get it checked out. Take someone with you that you trust, and it isn't a waste of their time.
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There could be a numbers of reasons,high, or low blood pressure,high or low blood sugar count,dehydration but you will never know without proper diagnosis,you can have your blood pressure checked at your pharmacy but can not get medication without seeing a doctor.

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