What Are Symptoms Of Anemia?


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I have anemia caused by a B-12 dificiency. Before I started taking pills, or if I don't take them for a while, I got tired extremely quickly, I didn't breathe well when I exercized, my heart beat was usually fast from simple things like walking up the stairs, and I had lots of trouble sleeping. The inside of my eyelids are whitish, and I always got this pins and needles feeling in my feet. My arms were kind of stiff. Hope this helps!
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AS a Medical Laboratory Technologist, I can tell you the BEST way to know if you are anemic is to have blood drawn at a reputable medical laboratory and have them run a Hemoglobin and Hematocrit test. Hemoglobin, or Hgb, accounts for about 98% of your red blood cells. The normal hemoglobin for an adult female is 12.0-16.0gdl. When your doctor reports the findings of your "iron" test, this is the numbers he will use. If your Iron is below 12.0gdl then you are anemic.Your red blood cells are comprised of 4 heme groups: Which is the iron, and 4 globin groups: Which are protein chains. The primary function of your red blood cells is to carry oxygen to your tissues, and waste products such as carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be expelled from the body. The hematocrit is the actual gauge for iron and should be 36-48% for an adult female. If you just want to know your IRON level then this is all you need, but it's important to know the source of the anemia. If you have more than 5 of the symptoms that charming mentioned then have it checked, take an iron supplement, and eat iron rich foods. DO NOT take an iron supplement until you know for sure you are anemic. There are many types of anemia that have nothing to do with iron deficiency, and If you're NOT iron deficient, then taking an iron supplement can cause you to have too much iron in your blood.
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shortness of breath
lack of appetite
fainting or dizziness
inability to concert rate
inflammation of mouth or tongue
dry, brittle or ridged nails
soreness in the mouth
perspiration around the head and neck
swelling of hands and feet
constant thirst
ringing of ears
unexplained bleeding or bruising
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I have heard about some signs of anaemia which you mentioned but I was not knowing that there are lot more symptopms than that ones.Are these all really the symptoms of anaemia??
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Most people that are anemic are always tired and they look very pale. Their gums can be light colored instead of red and when you pull down the bottom of the eye, it also is a pale color instead of red.
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I know one sign is if you pull down your bottom eyelid it will be white,it should be red... you need more iron ...good luck
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The color of the inside of the lower eyelid has nothing to do with anemia. I have chronic iron deficient anemia and my eyelids are a nice healthy pink. The lack of iron does NOT make your blood and thus your tissues lose color. If you draw blood from an anemic person it will be just as red as anyone who is not anemic. If the inside of the eyelid is red it may be indicative of an eye infection or inflammation.
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That is not at all true. That is why the Dr. Checks your lower eyelid because it can show if your anemic. I had lost allot of blood in my stool in Oct 08 and my blood hemog was 7 and normally I run at 13. My lower eyelids had no color at all they were completely white. Now 4 months later they are pink and white again and my level is 11.6 last checked a month ago. Maybe it can depend on how low your level is, not sure but I can tell you for sure it did affect the color for me. Also my tounge and gums were white.
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I'm anemic and have to take iron pills. Before, I was dizzy when I stood up too soon, I would feel tired a lot, and sometimes I would get white from not eating and feel sick to my stomach. I had to take those pills when I was pregnant or it would kill my baby.
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The symptoms of anemia vary according to the type of anemia, the underlying cause, and any underlying health problems. Anemia may be associated with other medical conditions such as hemorrhage, ulcers, menstrual problems.

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By the end of the day, my eyes are kind of blurry and heavy like I was crying for a long time.
Is this normal for an anemic person.
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There are some symptoms of anemia. They can be:

- Shortness of breath

- Headache

- Loss of appetite

- Fatigue

Basically, anemia happens when the body system is not provided enough healthy red blood cells to help transfer oxygen to nurture other body parts. This phenomenon has a variety of causes and ranges from temporary issue to a long-term one, even from mild to serious.

Source: http://healthlawnj.com/how-to-treat-anemia-naturally/

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