Does Alcohol Consumption Cause Increased Pain With A Bad Gall Bladder?


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The gallbladder is a sac located under the liver. It stores and concentrates bile produced in the liver. Bile aids in the digestion of fats, and is released from the gallbladder into the upper small intestine (duodenum) in response to food, especially fats. You can have gallstones without any symptoms. However, if the stones are large, they can block the duct that leads from the gallbladder. This can cause pain and require treatment. At first they may block the duct and move away, causing only occasional pain. Continuous blockage of the duct, however, can be life threatening and requires surgical removal of the gallbladder. Symptoms can range from pain, mostly on the upper right side of the abdomen, pain following meals, intolerance of fatty foods, nausea, vomiting and a loss of appetite.
Drinking alcohol, particularly large amounts means extra work for the liver to cope with. If the liver is already swollen due to a swollen gallbladder or gall stones then this will cause pain, though alcohol in moderation should not cause any further damage to the gallbladder. Eating fatty foods can cause more discomfort as the body has to work overtime to break down the grease and excess fat.
Gallbladders that cause pain are usually removed. There are no known problems caused by living without a gallbladder. Today, most gallbladder surgeries are performed with a laparoscope. This instrument shows the surgeon pictures of your gallbladder as it is being removed. The minimally invasive procedure allows for a smaller incision and a shorter hospital stay than traditional surgery.
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Gall Bladder pain comes OUT of Nowhere. I do not recommend you drink until you have had it removed. Schedule a surgery before a stone gets lodged somewhere and your pain will be UNbelieveable and then the DR will have to do an Emergency cut ....straight in the middle from the rib cage to the Naval and  over to the liver. Otherwise, you go in now and get 3 cuts and a naval insertion. Three weeks later, you are good to go. Then you will learn how to control your poop by eating small amts of Fat and once your system is back on track, you can eat and DRINK anything. I had mine removed 29 ago and am eating red meat, chicken, everything.
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I have been diagnosed with a defective gall bladder, high cholesterol, H-pylori and some minor stones; 31%. What are the side effects of drinking three or four beers? Will it detoxify my liver/blood correctly if I do drink a few beers?
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I have a blocked gall bladder is it bad to have a few low fat alcohol drinks when your not in pain?
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Well excess of everything thing is bad and especially when it is alcohol you should not take it in excess. It cause problems to liver.
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Anytime that your body is ill you should not drink at all. There is indeed a great chance that drinking with this kind of pain that you are going to end up in more pain. Please don't do that anymore, as it can also cause more health problems for you too. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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If you have a bad gall bladder you should not be drinking alcohol.  You should be consuming a lot of fluids but not alcohol.  Cranberry juice is great for this.  Alcohol can cause more pain and lessen ones better judgement if an emergency may arise.  It can also cause alcohol poisoning.  If you have a bad gall bladder you are probably taking pain medications which should never be used with alcohol it could be fatal.  Please don't drink anymore alcohol.  If you are in really bad pain seek treatment from your physician there are different things that your doctor can prescribe for you or you may need your gall bladder removed.

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