Is C Diff contagious?


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C Diff, or Clostridium Difficile is a bacteria that lives inside the large intestine, and is indeed very contagious.

A C Diff infection usually occurs after taking antibiotics because, in the process of tackling the bacterial infection that the antibiotics are prescribed for, they can also kill some of the "good" bacteria in our gut, creating the perfect environment for C Diff to flourish. 

It is most common in the elderly, and those who are, or have recently been hospitalised.

Symptoms to look out for

- Persistent diarrhoea

- Dehydration

- Fever

- Abdominal pain

C. Diff is spread through the spores of unwashed hands from someone suffering from diarrhoea. The bacteria can survive for a long time outside of the body, so can be transferred by touching objects that are then touched by someone else. 

The only way this can be prevented is by regular and thorough hand-washing/sanitising.

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