Is Pseudomonas Contagious?


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Yes pseudomonas is contagious but it will depend on a person's immune system. If you want to protect yourself from acquiring pseudomonas you should strengthen your immune system and take a lot of vitamins.

  • Pseudomonas refers to a type of bacteria which results in nosocomial infections although this type of bacteria is also commonly associated with drug addicts.
  • Complications are rare with pseudomonas and treatment is usually easily conducted. However for those that have weakened immune systems such as infants, the elderly, and those with chronic disease and wounds, pseudomonas can prove to be very harmful and fatal.
  • The most common symptoms for those who have pseudomonas is skin infections such as ulcers and burns. Other symptoms include urinary tract infections, diarrhea illnesses, bronchitis, meningitis, pneumonia, corneal ulcers, endocartis, and others.
  • Those who are inflicted with pseudomonas drain a sort of liquid that is known to be sticky, and is characterized by a blue green pus which usually forms a crust on the wounds. The other symptoms of patients will also vary depending on the location of the infection. If pseudomonas infects the lungs, the patient will experience coughs, chills, and fever.
  • For doctors to properly diagnose if one is infected with pseudomonas, they must acquire and analyze bacterial culture from a person's sputum, urine, spinal fluid, and blood.
  • If a person has been diagnosed with the disease, treatment must begin immediately with the use of antibiotics, and sometimes a combination of with penicillin and similar medications to kill the bacteria.
  • Those who are suffering from pseudomonas should monitor their progress and treatment carefully. Those that exhibit wounds should also particularly look out for the character of the wound and sputum.

All renal functions of the patient should also be monitored so they can heal properly. Doctors and patients alike should practice the proper sanitation methods such as always washing hands to prevent further contagion of the disease.
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Pseudomonas is contagious to only those people who have a compromised immune system. And it also varies according to ages and patient history. See the link for more information:
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My husband is in the hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant but has contacted pseudomonas.   Is it possible for the family to catch this disease from him?
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If your immune system is down the staph and pseudomona can be very contagious for you please see a Doctor as soon as possible

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