I Have Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And My Legs Have Been So Weak That It Is Difficult To Stand For Long. They Feel Like Jelly. Has Anyone Else With These Conditions Ever Felt This Symptom?


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Yes,yes, I have the same problem with my legs, the best way to explain it is , my legs feel like they  have weights on them , I tell my doctor they fell heavy instead of weak.  They hurt and I have muscle twitching in them . People who have had both cf's and fms have more severe symptoms. I also have had both, first cf's in 1993 and fms in 2000. I fell for you it is horrible to have this , and it is a disability in some people.
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Absolutely!! I thought I was going nuts when first noticed. Maybe you are having a disc problem since my problems with that seems to be better now that I have gotten treatment of this. Good luck and God Bless.
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Yes I do also have ad pain in knees and ankles what med. Do you take
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Yes ever day since 4/4/2000, when I was diagnosed. Swimming sometimes helps, along with therapeutic massage. Good Luck

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