Why is it so hard to be happy? Lately I have been depressed cause something is bothering me in my life and I don't know what it is. I have been having lots of nightmares.


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Emily Rivers answered

If you're feeling depressed and finding it hard to be happy lately, it might be worth going to see your GP. You don't have to suffer in silence with this - depression is common, but not an unimportant condition.

Something that I have found really helpful for my mood is mindfulness - it's all about being aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some call it 'falling awake'. I've found an app called 'Stop, Breathe & Think', and it guides you through meditations which you can choose according to your mood. They have a website, where you can download the app for Android or iOS and you can use it on the web.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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mike kok , change it up, answered

If you work you should have some extra money. Don't buy drugs. They just make another problem. Listen to more music. Go out and meet new people. Don't think making friends think be nice to people and just talk about anything. Go play pool, go swimming, go work out, get a new haircut change your lifestyle!!!!

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You need to meet new friends and stay away from the bad people who are bullies. And don't be depressed, because I know too well how that can be... It's not easy to be crying all the time, please tell someone if you ever need help. 

Don't be afraid to tell someone, but make sure you know that person good enough, don't let others negativity bring you down because they will do it! 


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