Any advice on keeping yourself happy? Lately I haven't really been myself and my parents have noticed that I'm as happy as I used to be. And I have been staying up late and like just crying for no reason. Could this be a sign of depression?


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It could be, if you just want to make yourself feel happy just think about what you want to do, and do it. So maybe if you happened to be on a diet, give it a break for a few days and eat what you like. Listen to music as loud as you like and go out with your mates and spend all your money on stuff. Hope this helps and that you feel better soon :)
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Love yourself and do things that you enjoy: Art, sports or even yoga especially since it's calming. Whenever you feel like crying for no reason, try thinking of a reason and when you do make yourself believe that the reason isn't worth it. Also I just wanted to say that I could totally relate because I used to always cry because I was so depressed and gave up on life but I got help from friends and life well it's the best so enjoy it without any problems live and love.
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We don't know how old you are.  But if you're concerned and think your parents aren't noticing .. Tell them how you're feeling.  We would have no idea why you're upset .. And they're certainly much closer to your situation to be able to advise you.  Good Luck.

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