How Many People Are Affected By IBS?


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS as it is commonly known as a condition that afflicts several people at some point or the other in their lifetime. IBS is marked by an over sensitive response of the stomach and intestines to certain foods with a close relation to psychological aspects.

The causes of IBS are relative in nature and the condition itself is often periodic triggered due to certain typical factors which may be related to change in food and drink habits, infection, certain medications, allergies, climatic conditions, weak immune system due to an underlying disorder, lack of activity, or stress related originating as a result of specific situations.

IBS is also believed to be a side effect of today's demanding and high pressure lifestyle and according to surveys carried out in the US and UK about 30% of people are believed to have been troubled by IBS related symptoms. IBS is characterized by abdominal pains and spasms especially after eating, flatulence leading to burping and wind, frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation, general body pain and fatigue.

Treatments are often personalized in nature and in most cases patients are told to keep a close watch on what they consume and learn what is suitable for their constitution; relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation also have worked wonders in alleviating the symptoms of IBS.
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IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, affects millions of people across the world. Some suffer from it more acutely,and have a daily problem with abdominal discomfort. The foods that are the worst offenders are refined grain products, like flour, barley, oats, and soya, and also dairy products. The protiens in these foods cannot easily be broken down and digestion, so they sit in the gut fermenting, and causing bloating, gas and discomfit.

Recently research has shown that many people have a problem digesting legumes, which include all types of beans, lentils and peanuts. Soya and the products thereof, like tofu and tempei, are also not tolerated by many people. The solution seems to lie in isolating the offending foods by elminating them for a period, and seeing the results. Secondly, by proper food combining, and allowing each food group to be assimilated properly, the symtpoms of IBS can be reduced.

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