About How Many People Are Affected With Bi-polar Disorder?


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Bi polar disorder affects millions of people around the world.
There are varying degrees of the disorder,and it is
sometimes difficult to diagnose, because it can be confused with other forms of depression.
However it's main features are, marked mood swings, from a manic high, (hence its other name manic depressive disorder), to suicidal lows.
Bi polar simply means the two poles, from the noth pole high
to the south pole low.
There are many excellent resources and also organizations with support groups for those who suffer from bipolar disorder.
A web site that has both medical resources and other helpful
pointers is www.bipolar.com/questionare this contains a questionare that could help someone determine if they are bipolar or not, based on some simple questions,
In recent years, many new treatments for the disorder have been marketed, enabling people to get on with their lives after the mood swings are levelled out.

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