I want to die? I almost ended it all this morning. I know this isn't a question, I can't form one.. I just --- I've thought and I don't care anymore..


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This is so sad to hear. There's a national suicide line if you want help, someone who will listen and talk to you. Its free and confidential. Call them -----> 1 800 273 TALK

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What happened to you to cause you to feel this way?  Have you been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance in the brain, or of being bipolar?  If so, you could be in a depressed state, that will change.  It can also be modified with medication.  What initiated this state of melancholy?  How old are you?  And what are you doing to add meaning to your life?

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I remember being very depressed a while back myself a combination of things were angering and depressing me so I took to self harm. I used to cut my arms and chest with a knife. At school it was a common occurrence for me to head butt stuff and pick my forehead apart until I was being physically restrained. Eventually my therapist visits occurred more frequently and they prescribed me with anti depressants eventually I calmed down a lot . 

So I would suggest seeing your school counselor but if you've left school I would recommend a therapist they might be able to find the root of your depression but if your having thoughts of killing yourself you should probably talk to them very soon

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