Nothing can be done for the numbness in my arms and legs (age & diabetes) can anything help the annoyance?


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I've seen a new treatment just for that, it's on TV as a commercial, I've been watching out for it so I can give you at least give you a phone number, so you can get some info. But it hasn't been on TV yet today.  I'll keep watching & I'll get back to you.

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I read that exercise is also important. It helps the body maintain glucose, or sugar, levels within the normal range. When PVD is in evidence, exercise helps maintain vital strength, flexibility, and blood flow to damaged areas. Exercise also helps to minimize intermittent claudication—the pain PVD sufferers may feel in their calf muscles when they walk or exercise. However, such ones should avoid exercises that stress and jar their legs. More suitable exercises include walking, bicycling, rowing, swimming, and aqua aerobics. 

One should always consult a doctor before dieting or beginning a special program of exercise. Therefore, suitable exercise and a good diet promote a healthy vascular system even for ones suffering with diabetes.

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