What would be the cause for the following: WBC Count 22.30 x10E3/uL RDW 16.10% Neutrophils Absolute: 15.40x10E3/uL Lymphs Absolute: 4.50x10E3/uL Monocytes Absolute: 1.10x10E3/uL NRBC-LC015945: 2% Metamyelocytes: 4% Myelocytes 2% What would cause these type of results?


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With these types of results, one would think to ask the doctor that ordered the tests and gave you these results. 

There was a reason they asked for this to be run. While you were in the Doctor's office and he/she gave you the result, you had the opportunity to ask any questions at that time. If you have additional questions. Call your Doctor's office, leave a message for the nurse or for the doctor. That's why they are paid the big bucks.

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Are you not able to call and find out what's going on? I have the opportunity to ask questions at the time of my appointment. In addition, I can call the office and talk to the nurse or doctor. I can also email if I have the Dr.'s email address. If you have questions and cannot get answers, then escalate the issue until you have the answers you need. My sister in Chicago has done this.
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Thanks I will. I really appreciate your time and input!
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Josh, in this day and age, you're right - many things have changed. Healthcare is one of them. Your doctor knows that if you're not happy, you CAN and WILL go somewhere else.

However, if he/she doesn't have any idea that you're unhappy, they don't know there is something to fix.

The worse that could happen is that they brush you off. Then you say to them - that's ok, because so-and-so down the street will be happy to have me as a patient. Please transfer my records post-haste.

That means money our of their pocket. So press on until you get what you need and everything makes sense to you.

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