Can You Get Hiv By Getting Head?


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No you cannot, saliva is not infectious and has dozens of enzymes and proteins that render the hiv virus to transmit, hiv is a fragile disease and the mouth is a hostile place. There are no documented cases in case studies or medical literature stating the virus is transmitted this way, the 3 most likely ways of being infected is:
1) unprotected anal or vaginal sex
2) IV drug use
3) mother to child-pregnancy,birth, breastfeeding
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Anonymous answered it is transferred by bodily fluids through sex and by transfer of bodily fluids into open wounds so yes you can get it just by getting head
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Even something as small as a handshake can infect you. A small open cut on someone's hand or even sweat. Kissing can infect you too.
Many people have open wounds in their mouth or cavities..and a French kiss could seal your fate. Your few minutes of fun can and will change your life. Protect Yourself.

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