How to relieve lower back pain and hip pain?


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i wish i knew myself. Whenever my lower back and hip ceases up.. I just laydown for a while. The vertebrae in my  spine are fusing together so it can be quite painful at times. 

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Chiropractors are good. But what is it tht hurts? I hurt my tailbone a few years back, and it hurt for over two weeks, and the pain does come back often when I fall on it. Your best bet is to ice it for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 right before bed. There are also braces you can buy that aren't as visible that you an wear to protect the muscle and bones.

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For me, I take ibuprofen and lay down. Sitting actually is very stressful for your lower back. A good chiropractor is also an option.

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Lower back pain cause due to injuries, mechanical problems, infection and tumors.  So if you want to know more about this, hope article below can help you to get rid of back pain.

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Much depends on what is causing the pain .. Not all contributers that cause pain are equal.  Inflamation can be treated with ibuprofen, but again that only reduces the inflamation not what is causing it.

Finding the origin of the pain is the best way to 'treat' it.  Sometimes that could be a simple as changing your footwear, sometimes it is a lot more complicated than that. Nerve damage, for example, is not so easily treated with just a pill here and there. That may involve physical therapy, or changes in lifestyle.  Treating pain from arthritis also may involve exercise, changes in lifestyle and even food choices.

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Yoga for life, but only if you want to live longer.

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Depends if you are looking for short-term or long-term.

  • Short term
I would advise medicine/chiropractor/..

  • Long term

You need to find the cause of the pain.

Make your back stronger with yoga, exercise,  train your lower back with bodyweight or low weights.

Also look at your sleep, matres, etc.. This can be a big cause to.

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To relieve your lower back pain, you can do the following works below:

  • Regular back exercise recommended by the doctor
  • Use good back supported mattress(avoid soft mattress)
  • Use a comfortable and high-quality recliner for back pain
  • Change your sitting posture (follow right sitting posture)
  • Avoid doing heavy works

If you can follow all the above tips, these tips will relieve your lower back pain. You can read this helpful article to know how a recliner helps you to relieve your back pain.


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