What Causes Sore Nipples, Lower Back Pain, Lower Abdominal Pain, And Sore Breast?


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Hi my name is Jennie, I'm 21 years old and my last period was Feb 6th-8th and March's period was only a brown discharge and last for only 3 days.. I still haven't even started my April's period and now about 2 days ago I've been having abdomen pain and sore nipples. I took a test a few days ago and it came out negative. Could I still be pregnant?
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Your symptoms can be due to high hormone levels. There are many reasons and conditions which can cause these hormonal changes. These are pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome and use of hormonal birth control methods including pills, shots and implants. Signs of premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy are same that is why ladies take signs of premenstrual syndrome as signs of pregnancy. What actually is causing your symptoms can be diagnosed by the doctor, so, visit a doctor.

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