Why blurtit.com keep lying it takes me longer or long to understand or learn i'm not retarded they have the IQ score of sixty nine or below my IQ score of eighty seven prove it as a fact not opinion?


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Jaylen meech is a filthy pervert and likes to have sex with his cousins he also sticks Faygo soda bottles up his butt. From now on Jaylen Meech will be known as COUSIN HUMPER on blurtit, he worships the devil and practices satanism he says he believes in the Lord God but he's a filthy liar all he wants to do is COUSIN HUMP-------- Jaylen Meech why do you think anyone here cares how long it takes you to learn anyting you're nothing but a stupid COUSIN HUMPING pervert

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"Retarded" and low IQ's have nothing to do with sexual predators! No one is interested in your sex life, intelligence, religion, or signs! What we DO care about is the safety of your cousins! I HOPE these girls are not minors! You should be behind bars or in a straight jacket! Seriously! This obsessed behavior is NOT normal behavior! Even if they weren't your cousins! POOR Neshia and Deja! Shame on you Jaylene!

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Jaylene Meech
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I'm a asexual virgin for life that like my cousin deja my cousin neshia learn something lying bitches
Jaylene Meech
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I can like any women i want to i'm a asexual virgin for life my religion is christian i did get sign from the LORD GOD my cousin deja my cousin neshia love care about me there is nothing yell can say that will change none of this
Yin And Yang
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Well GOOD! Then stop flooding this site with your thoughts and opinions!
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Take your crap somewhere else.  We don’t care!

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You do disservice to all the other retards who have 87 IQ’s.

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Jaylene Meech
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your not a psychologist retarded people IQ score is sixty nine or below lying bitch
Jaylene Meech
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There are five types of people in the world genius normal slow retarded simple IQ test prove it

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