I Have A Lump Behind My Ear And It Hurts A Little When I Press It What Could It Be?


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I have one too. I have one in my ear where you would get it pierced I also have 3 behind my left ear. They are like lil pimples. They hurt when you touch them too. I don't know what they are but get the doctor to look at it.
I'm seeing the doc tomorrow : )
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Well all you have to do is put some paw-paw cream on and then take it to see the doctor so it won't be a problem anymore
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So you just shot down a perfectly good answer without checking it out first.....later : )
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Could be a fibroma, or a cyst, or an fibroma lymph node.  A fibroma is a cyst, also, but benign.
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It's called a infected pimple /zit/pustule..

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