I Do A Lot Of Walking, And My Knee Really Hurts Could It Be Something Serious?


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Knee pain can be the consequence of poor form during physical activity, inadequate stretching and not warming up and cooling down before and after an exercise session.
Bursitis, also known as housemaid's knee, where a superficial layer between the skin and patella gets inflamed due to repeated pressure, overuse or injury. Arthritis, tendinitis, baker's cyst (affects the back of the knee), torn cartilage or ligament, sprain or even dislocation of the knee cap may be the cause of pain in the knee. Ideal measures are to rest the knee, apply ice and compression, elevate the knee and sleep with a pillow under or between the knees.

A doctor should be consulted if
There is severe pain
The pain has not reduced after the remedial steps being taken
The knee buckles, locks or clicks
There is fever, redness and warmth around the knee
There is a swelling, numbness, discolouration or tingling.
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Knee hurts when walking cannot not sleep knee hurts feels like its locking up when I'm in bed. Try ed heat pain meds. Nothing working

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