Why Do You Feel Dizzy Upon Lifting Your Head Suddenly From A Bending Position Or After Getting Up From A Sitting Position?


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The reason you feel dizzy after getting up suddenly is that your blood has to move back up to your head, and it can not always always do this as fast as you can move your head.

So you do not have sufficient blood at that moment, and since blood provides the oxygen your brain needs at all times to function, so it pumps blood to protect itself by keeping essential things fed with blood and others not. The blood stays lower only for a few seconds, but its enough to give you the giddiness or dizziness.

If you remember as a child you had a similar reaction when you spun round and round and then stopped, but the worldkept turning and the trees and you. You could not stop turning, and then fell down, and it was still turning. Your balance system in your inner ear contains a liquid which keeps turning, convincing your brain that you are still turning even when you are not.

People with low blood pressure suffer from dizzy spells more than others.
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My mom who is 81 after getting over the flu has now been dizzy for over a month..She has been to two doctors and they keep telling her it will just take time...her blood pressure seems to be ok, and no inter ear problems...but she just can't get better. What can we do to get better? Thanks..TERI
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It takes quit a bit for your heart to pump that blood, and at times, you may need to just take your time getting up. Are you eating properly? How about some exercise? All of these will help your heart to better get your blood circulating better. Perhaps you should go and see your doctor about this if you are very worried about this. Hope this helps.
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I always feel dizzy 4 no reason
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When you are sitting down for a long time while watching television or eating or doing some kind of activity which makes you tired, makes you a bit dizzy when you stand up. The body may or may not have experienced rigorous activity. When you are sitting, your whole body and mind becomes relaxed. Sometimes it also happens that when you have not eaten anything and you start working while you are sitting and when you get up you feel a bit dizzy. This is quite natural and nothing to be afraid of. The mind and the body suddenly shifts from relax to active that's the reason why you may feel a bit dizzy. A glass of water or a quick snack will help you get relieved of the dizziness.

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