Does Alcohol-abuse Cause Brain Damage?


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A clear yes is the anser to this question. Constant abuse can damage your brain- having a toxic influence on neurones and being the main risk-factor for the Korsakov-syndrome, an illness leading to sudden, irreversible loss of memory.    Is it worth it to stop drinking if you've been going at it for many years rather strongly? It is indeed, as a cut-down on drink will slow the further loss of memory and allow to recuperate - to some degree, even.    On the other hand, having just  1 alcoholic  drink a day (as a maximum) can lower your risk of dementia in old age and is said (but not quite proved) to lower the risk of a stroke.    Never mind what our scientists say - when in Mongolia I've met a very very old man and he was drinking 1 small glass of home-made wild ginseng-root brandy very 1st thing every morning- claiming that it's this that helped him to grow old in good health. He let me taste it and - huggg- it was like - well - medicine.  European doctors recommend 1 small glass of red wine a day.
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Yea it dose when some one is drinking to much then a tend to forget stuff that has happened 30-60 mints ago
so if some one is going to drink DO NOT OVER DO IT

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