Where Can I Get Clear Pictures Of Crabs Std?


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There are clear pictures of what crabs look like at

It is not actually very accurate to refer to crabs as an STD as this is actually a condition that can be passed on through direct skin contact as well as through sexual contact. Crabs are actually small parasites that burrow into the skin and then feed on the blood of the affected person. These parasites live amongst the coarse hairs that are on the body such as pubic hair; however they can also be found on armpit hair, eyelashes and also facial hair.
Sexually transmitted diseases are really diseases that can only be spread through sexual contact. There are 25 different sexually transmitted diseases that can be spread and these all have various different symptoms. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases will only be passed from one person to another through sexual contact. These diseases are sometimes referred to as sexually transmitted infections. A lot of medical professionals refer to them as infections as opposed to diseases as it is possible to suffer from some of them without actually having a disease as such, therefore they are best referred to as infections. 
People often become aware of the fact that they have a sexually transmitted disease as they start to experience the symptoms of the infection that they have. If you feel that you may be developing any symptoms connected with a sexually transmitted infection it is very important that you speak to your doctor in order to get the infection diagnosed and treated. If you are pregnant and develop any symptoms it is especially important to talk to the doctor, as there are some conditions that can be passed from the female onto the unborn child. The symptoms that are commonly related to a sexually transmitted disease are soreness, lumps, sores, itchiness, pain when passing urine and discharge.
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Google 'pubic crabs' and bobs your uncle....good luck with that, don't pick them off
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This is a pubic louse under a microscope.

These are pubic lice attached to pubic hairs.
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Try going to that is a site where they have a lot of medical info.  Good luck with your crabs!!

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