How Does A PET Scan Ct Show Tumors?


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PET scan is a type of imaging scan. It is done to measure a region of the body's metabolic activity. PET is the acronym of "positron emission tomography". It is similar to an MRI scan but uses 3D and is done in colour. It is test done with the help of computer and images generated by it. It is a special kind of X-ray which employs a radioactive dye to get the results. It is generally used to study and understand the activity of the brain.

A PET scan can show tumours because it is equipped to determine even small and unnoticeable changes in the body and cover abnormalities in a single test. This scan employs a very small amount of a radioactive tracer. This tracer is chemically attached to glucose or other compounds. The person undergoing the scan is injected with this tracer compound which spreads through the body and finds out about the areas of potential disease and abnormality. Then radiation is emitted by the tracer compound which is picked up by the PET scanner which in turn records the signals and transforms them into images. These images highlight the abnormalities in the body and find about malignant tumours.

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