How Long Does Partial Remission Last In Cancer Patients?


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The term remission is used by doctors to describe the shrinking of cancer. When a physician talks about the remission of cancer, he or she is referring to the category under which the extent of the shrinkage of the cancer has been placed. There are two types of remissions of the cancer, namely partial remission and complete remission.

The term partial remission is defined as the term which is used to categorise the cancer which has shrunk but is still present. Partial remissions return in most cases. On the other hand, the term complete remission is the term which is used to categorise a cancer which is no longer in evidence from the results of tests, scans and x-rays. In case of complete remission, the cancer may either be cured or may also return.

After conducting a few preliminary tests, a person undergoes chemotherapy. A week into the chemotherapy, he or she is examined by the oncologist. During this process, if the lymph glands in the neck have shrunk, he or his has to visit the oncologist in the following week. If his or her liver and spleen have reduced in the second week, he or she is said to have entered the partial remission and responded well to the chemotherapy.

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