My Two Year Daughter Has A Small Lump Behind Her Right Ear, What Is It, What Will Have Caused It To Form?


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Did you know that when babies are born, their ears are not fully attached.  This may be due to the process, as you are supposed to be extra careful when bathing them in the first year. May just be a calcification of the cells, or a mild cyst which usually clears itself up.  If it gets worse, see a doctor.  But if it is not causing any discomfort, don't worry about it.  My sister was born premature, and has a natural hole in her ear.  She is proud of it and shows it off saying, look I'm not fully formed  LOL  My son has a crumpled ear.  Don't know why, just is, there is a fold.  So many things just happen.  Like I say, do not worry unless condition gets worse then you need to see a doctor

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