How Many People Die Because Of Speeding?


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There are fewer people that die on the autobahn in Germany then on the highways in America. The autobahn speed limit is unlimited and exotic sport cars stay in the left lane at speeds up to 210 mph. And those using that roadway know to always stay in the rightside lane going at slower speeds for this reason because those fast cars can come up on vehicles in no time flat. And yet there are less deaths on these roadways doing this. Why mostly because people on the autobahn are doing just what they are supposed to do at that moment. . DRIVE, and driving only! Europeans find it strange that American's eat while they drive, etc... Because if your eating or doing something else besides driving you are definitely NOT DRIVING so to speak and there is no room for that stupidity on the autobahn on average most all the time. I think that's why there's so many more in places like American roadways. If you live in America you know how people are when they drive on the highway, it's ridiculous. .

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