How Many People Die Of Bladder Cancer?


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In 2006, an estimated 61,400 people (44,670 men and 16,730 women) were known to be diagnosed with bladder cancer in the US. On an average, the deaths from bladder cancer can reach up to 13000. Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer among men. It is the ninth most common cancer among women.
When diagnosed with TCC, (transitional cell carcinoma, responsible for 90 percent of bladder cancer), the survival rate of people who live on for at least 5 years after detection of the cancer, is around 94 percent. For patients with distant metastasis or regional (pelvic lymph node) cancer, the survival rates are 6 percent and 48 percent respectively. It is really not possible to indicate how long a person will live after being afflicted with blood cancer. Since survival statistics are measured in one year or five-year intervals, they may not signify advances made in the treatment of this cancer.

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