Do Non Drinking Alcoholics Have The Same Behavior Patterns As Those Who Are Drinking?


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Yes, the parts of the brain that got destroyed by alcohol do not magically restore itself right after you stop drinking! No wonder this s#@t is legal!
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No, because when you are full of alcohol, you aren't the same person as you are when you are not drinking. It really affects your judgment, and your ability to reason. I know this well, because I have been an alcoholic, and my husband was just arrested for drinking and driving and resisting arrest, he was drunk, and broke into the garage, because I had a restraining order on him, and he called me from in there and said that he was going to kill me. This was his state of mind, being so drunk and not thinking clearly. Also, now that he is sobered up, I know that he is thinking, what did I do?! So, you see, I know that you think differently when you are sober compared to drinking. Hope this helps.

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