Does My Husband Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder Or Is It Just Alcoholism? His 19 Year Old Son Was Just Diagnosed With A Personality Disorder With Narcissistic Tendencies.


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My guess is that it is a combination of both.  You need to go to Al-anon meetings.  Al-anon is associated with AA and is a Godsend for the families of alcoholics.  In their literature you will see story after story just like the way you are describing  your husband.  Alcoholics have set patterns that are very similar.  They can be very charming one minute then cruel and hatefull the next.  Alcohol also lowers  their moral values and makes them justify cheating on their spouses.  I think these men are really very dependant on their wives and resent them at some level for being the strong one.  You need help to deal with this and Al-anon will get you that help.  Most alcoholics will not curb their drinking for a spouse.  Sorry.  Interventions rarely work unless it is a boss or the children. Look in the phone book under AA and give them a call, ASAP.
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I am in the EXACT same situation as you are in but I am sick of him being verbally, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially abusive. It is going on 2 long years with this selfish jerk who thinks he is god's gift to the world and anyone who doesn't see things his way will have to deal with his wrath. He brags about how he has cheated on me after he has accused me of cheating on him which is impossible since he controls all of my life including see my own grown kids. You have to look at him and SEE HIM FOR WHAT HE IS AND NOT WHAT YOU HOPE OR WANT HIM TO BE!!! My Mother always told me that and she is right!! GET AWAY FROM HIM BEFORE HE KILLS YOU OUT OF SPITE AND THEN PRETENDS TO REGRET IT LATER ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE KIDS. With these types of people, the only thing you can guarantee is that if you stay the abuse will continue!

AA only helps so much and AL-ANON. YOU are the one who have to deal with the feelings of hopelessness and loneliness and remembering all of the rotten things that have been said and done to you. That's the hard part.
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A 12 step program is one way, or you can do a "one step program"

1. Lock your self into your bedroom, get on your knees, do not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom until you have victory! Open your heart and cry out to "Jesus" Heal My Home. Say it over and over until you get an answer, don't be afraid of the things you hear or see.

No man or system will change your situation you need divine intervention!

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