Does Genital Herpes Cause A Fishy Smelling Odor In The Vaginal Area?


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Not usually, but a fish-like smell coming from the vaginal area is usually an indication of bacterial vaginosis. As well as a fishy smelling odor coming from the vagina, you may also be suffering from white or grey discharge from your vagina. Herpes generally doesn’t produce a smell like this, however, the only way that your condition can be diagnosed is if you can and see your doctor or do a blood test, or an STD test. You need to speak to the appropriate medical professionals to help you with your problem if you ever want to get rid of it. Whilst the Internet is a wealth of knowledge, you may not get all the answers by doing a simple Google search.

If you have herpes then you will be suffering from itches and tingles. Herpes are vesicular lesions, which are based on erythmatious. The condition can make it look like there is raw skin down there. The other symptoms of genital herpes do not occur when you have a bacteria or yeast infection in your vaginal area, so if you’re suffering from this then the chances are you are actually suffering from herpes or something equally problematic.

Your doctor will be able to provide you with the information you need if you have a problem with herpes, but if you suffer bacterial vaginosis then you can purchase many products over the counter to help with this problem. Go and see your local pharmacy and  there should be somebody there that will be able to point you in the right direction, or even help you pick out the product that is going to help you best. So make the right decision, and go and see your doctor or pharmacy.
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Who are the people answering these questions? Yes herpes outbreak can cause a fishy
smelling discharge. Sometimes that's the only symptom of an outbreak. It does not mean you have vagina's or yeast infections. People are constantly confusing outbreaks for a yeast infection
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Fishy odor is hallmark sign of bacterial vaginosis.  Additionally, you might have a whitish/ grey discharge.  I have never really heard of a strong odor with herpes but the only way to diagnose that is to culture a lesion before it dries up (at the dr office) or a blood test (to look for HSV antibodies- if you have it...they will be there).  Herpes are vesicular lesions on an erythmatious base ie they can look like raw skin and itch and tingle.  This does not occur in yeast infections or bac vag.  Hope that helps.

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It is not pricey...if you have health insurance go to the doctor and if it is a bacterial infection they will give you metrodiazole(Flagyll).at walmart pharmacy the pills are $4.00.if you can't afford it and don't have insurance go to the health department.they will fix you up.
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A fishy smell indicates a bacterial infection. A trip to a Doctor is in order, there is nothing over the counter that can treat it. Metro-gel is commonly prescribed for a vaginal infection. Prepare your wallet, it's pricey.
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NO... If you have that smell.. It only means one thing...YEAST. Itching will follow.  You can buy that med over the counter now. Genital Herpes hurt and have a head, like a pimple, and sometimes hurts to urine. It's always better to go see your female Doc.

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