If You Don't Have Herpes Can You Get It By Using Someones Razor Who Does Have Herpes Assuming You Are Using The Razor To Shave Your Genital/vaginal Area?


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I wouldn't even consider using the razor because you don't know what the person was shaving with that razor.
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Possibly. Why take the chance? Any contagious disease c an be spread by sharing a razor, especially in one person gets cut and there is blood on the razor then another uses it. Everyone should have their own and not share.
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natalie johnson
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It is not possible it is definite. In order for you to get it you will have to have some kind of small abrasion or rash and then be exposed to the Herpes. So the chances are enormous. Actually if you wanted to get it this is how it should be done.
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Yes you can. That is probably the best way to get it. The chances are about 90%. You can even get it from sharing a towel. Be careful, and don't share razors. I hope you didn't get it.

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