How Can I Get Pregnant Without Giving My Partner Herpes?


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Try to conceive while you are not having a flare up. Does your partner know you have herpes? What does your doc suggest you do?
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Its noble of you to not want to give your partner herpes... But what about giving it to your baby? You can transmit your herpes to your child during delivery, if you have a lesion and don't know about it (they can be very tiny and hard to see) The baby can contract herpes if he has not acquired the antibodies to the herpes virus before birth, and that depends somewhat on whether or not YOU have acquired the antibodies. Even if you have acquired the antibodies, there is still a 3% chance that the baby will contract herpes. 3% doesnt seem like a very big chance... But its still too big of a risk to take. You could be condemning your child to a lifetime of the same problems you experience having herpes. Most neonatal infections are due to "viral shedding". This is where the virus is present on the cervix. You may be completely without symptoms and still infect your baby. Of every 10 births to mothers with non-symptomatic herpes, 6-7 of them transmit the herpes virus to the baby.Also it depends on which simplex type you have.HSV-1 infection  is more easily transmitted to the infant during labor,but is limited to the mouth, eyes, and mucous membranes.  If you have HSV-2 it usually affect the central nervous system causing seizures, meningitis, developmental delay, and death. I know my answer sounds harsh, and I'm sorry for that....but its fact.
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So what how things do i need to do to not give the diease to my baby? So i can have a healthy baby?

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