How Can I Lower My Cholesterol Levels?


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Nisha Fernandes answered
There are basically just three main things you can do if you want to lower your cholesterol - that is adopt a diet that is low in cholesterol, exercise regularly, be physically active and lose extra weight if you are obese.

In step number one- you need to get plenty of vigorous exercise. You have to stop being lazy and work out regularly. Incorporate exercise in to your daily regimen. A stroll for about half an hour is excellent for reducing cholesterol. Maybe you could walk your dog or take a family member along and make the exercise a habit.

Next- cut out all foods with hydrogenated oils and saturated fats. These include avoiding all kinds of fatty red meat, nuts, butter, margarine, shortening, fried food, sugar and so on. Instead feast on some skim milk, whole grain products, legumes and so on.

Cholesterol is a sterol (mixture of steroid and alcohol) and a lipid which is present in the cell membranes in all the tissues of the body, and supplied in the blood plasma of all animals. Lesser levels of cholesterol also exist in plant membranes.
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I would suggest a quality fish oil supplement.  Taken twice daily can not only lower your cholesterol without taking harsh prescription drugs, but will benefit your entire cardiovascular system as well.
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Dear Sir/Madam, appreciate the aforementioned instructions for decreasing cholesterol's level, but are there any sweetable drug or medicines which would helps more and more? if possible to name some!

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