What Is It When Your Body Feels Like Pin Pricks All Over?


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As with any medical question you may have, the best piece of advice that can be given is to speak to a doctor or medical professional about your medical problem as they are in the best position to be able to give proper advice and treatment to your problem. Outlined below are some examples of what might be causing your body to feel like it has pin pricks all over:

  • poor circulation
  • loss of blood flow
  • clotting of the blood
  • allergic reaction
  • rash
  • a bite or sting from an insect or animal
  • inflammation of a muscle or cartilage causing reduced blood flow
  • sensitivity to heat or the cold
There is a chance that the problem could be more serious and relate to your heart or (in very extreme circumstances) pins and needles can be the sign of a minor or major stroke. Whilst you may not think that you have anything approaching this severity it must be reiterated that a trained medical professional will be able to give you a proper check to make sure that your problem is not serious. From here a doctor will be able to advise the next steps to take.

It could be that a change in your diet, some physiotherapy or some antihistamine tablets or creams will completely clear up any issue you have. As you may have noticed, most of the above examples given point to a problem with blood flow. Similar to when you fall asleep on an arm or leg and it goes numb and gets a pin prick sensation, the sensation may point to a lack of blood in the affected area. Looking on several medical forums it has become evident that some people have this reaction often, for various reasons, and it does not impact on their quality of life so try not to worry.

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