What to do if my body feels sore?


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Herbert S. answered
I am not sure if I agree with Devinmarie. My teacher (Human Anatomy & Physiology) recommended everyone to stretch after (not before) exercising. This means, in order to muscles to be “broaden,” you need to stimulate it first. If you stop exercising just because you are feeling sore, you will elongate the time. This will cause more pain than you think. Nevertheless, taking bath is a logical solution, but not the best. You should seek for sport massage, ice bath, use R.I.C.E., or try yoga. If you need more help, visit this website:

Remember, stretching is your friend in any sports.
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I would go take a warm,cozy shower!!
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Soak in epsom salt in a warm bath, then get out and strech, with hot and icy or bengay cream, and lay off of the excercising for a while

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